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Realtors and Real Estate Agents Are Different

March 19, 2016 by Margaret Stapleton

I have noticed more and more people becoming real estate agents in the Evergreen real estate market and throughout this hot Denver market. After all, business has been very good in the last few years. But, not as many agents are becoming Realtors by joining our local and national Association.

That concerns me as an Evergreen Realtor because Realtors have a track record of protecting the public. That is certainly true when it comes to unscrupulous real estate agents and practices. It's also true in larger ways that may help you.

Realtors Code of Ethics

Realtors are held to higher standards than typical licensees. They provide extensive education to members and an enforceable Code of Ethics that protects consumers. If you have dispute with a Realtor, the local Board of Realtors will hear the complaint and do the right thing.

If your complaint is with a non-Realtor agent, you can file a complaint with the Real Estate Commission only. Do not expect to get arbitration automatically. You might have to go to civil court. This is really a big deal. Realtor panels are actually more likely to criticize a Realtor and support a valid consumer complaint. Our standards are higher than those of just licensed real estate agents.

Remember that when you talk to a discount broker offering a low commission. Be sure to ask if they are members of the local and National Association of Realtors. Frankly, it is cheaper and easier to a new agent not become a Realtor. So, many are not members. Realtors are also more likely to practice real estate as a full time career.

We also host vast volunteer efforts to raise funds for local schools, libraries and those in need. We work as your advocate within communities and beyond any individual real estate transaction.

Saving You Tax Money

Tax season is a proud time of the year for Realtors. When you receive your tax rebate check this year, remember Realtors are responsible for saving homeowners thousands of dollars every year. One example is the Home Mortgage Deduction. That's been a contentious topic of debate for years. In fact, the government has attempted to remove this valuable savings every year for a decade.

It's money in your pocket that helps grow our economy and promotes the American Dream of home ownership. If you have refinanced a loan where you paid points to lower the rate, check with your accountant. There are more savings here.

Opposing More Homeowner Fees

Realtors are watching your back constantly. In a historic mass response by the National Association in 2015, Congress was forced to remove the use of guarantee fees as a government financing mechanism. That would have been passed on to homeowners through Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. That was potentially more money in your pocket if you bought or refinanced a home.

Realtors Protect Homeowner Rights

After nearly 20 years of effort by states to tax internet use, the NAR was effective in influencing legislation that prevents states from taxing your use of the web. In fact, states that have been collecting internet taxes will have to reimburse their citizens for all the usage fees! More money in your pocket

Your Realtor protects your interests in Congress and at home. Your local Real Estate Association has volunteers who represent your interests throughout the state. Evergreen Realtors have pressed for a education of homeowners and a tax credit for Wildfire Mitigation. Why are Realtors Wildfire Mitigation? I work in and around Evergreen, Colorado a Denver suburb. It is located in wooded terrain. My clients do have a risk for a wildfire destroying their homes. I do not want to see that happen nor to they.

I believe that the preservation of home ownership is important. We do help to protect that right. It makes me proud to be an active Realtor in local Association of Realtors. I hope you choose to do business with a Realtor next time you buy or sell a home. It will be good for you and your community!


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